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bacteria samplesIs water in Jacksonville safe to drink? That's a question that can only be answered through water testing. The water may look clean, but do you reallyknow what's in it? Because we live in Florida, we are lucky to have a plentiful source of ground water. Unfortunately, Florida's aquifers can become contaminated by chemicals and microbes that can cause illness. Nitrate/Nitrite and bacteria like E.Coli and Coliform often end up in the ground water and wells. Chemicals can also enter into the ground water from leaking gasoline storage tanks, pesticide applications, landfills, and improper disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes. The EPA and the Florida Department of Health recommends testing your well water annually to detect problems early.

While all "public water systems" in Florida are required to perform routine testing to ensure that they meet state drinking water standards, there are still many miles of pipes between your home and the public source. Many homes still have water pipes joined with lead solder, and that lead can sometimes contaminate the water in your home. Despite government mandated routine testing, it may be prudent for you to have your own water tested as a precaution.

Per the State of Florida, private well owners are responsible for ensuring that their own well water is safe to drink. As a private well owner in Jacksonville, you should be aware of these potential risks to the ground water and your household water supply. List of EPA Water Contaminants

If you are looking for HUD or FHA "approved" water testing, please know that in 2005, these groups elected to leave testing criteria to local authorities or the lender. For VA "approved" water testing, the VA has left testing criteria up to the lender. Unfortunately, many lenders are still confused on this issue, so we offer our standard package (Option 1 at right) which covers all known lending requirements. If your mortgage company requires specific samples for water testing that are different than our standard package, please let us know what those are prior to making an appointment so we can price your water testing service accordingly. The Florida Department of Health recommends testing for bacteria and nitrite, which our standard package includes.

All samples must meet strict collection criteria, and may only be collected before 3 PM. Samples are shipped overnight to a lab for processing.

Call for pricing & details: 904-268-8211

We have 5 Water Testing Packages to choose from >>>> For a comparison chart of what each package includes, click here

"Standard" Water Testing Package:

This package is specfically designed to cover all known MINIMUM banking requirements (including FHA and VA mortgages). This option generally meets your needs when closing on the purchase of a new home, or re-financing, is a top priority. Remember, this limited testing package will not reveal most contaminants that can affect your water quality.


OPTION 2 - "Comprehensive" Water Testing Package:
This package is often used for mortgage requirements, but when a slightly higher level of testing is desired by the client. In cases where the private well is properly constructed and maintained, this level of testing may be adequate for first time testing of the water (water should not currently have any taste, odor, or color issues, and there are no health issues in the home).


"Health" Water Testing Package:
This package is important to choose if there ARE taste, ordor, or color issues in the water, or if the condition of the well suggests poor construction and/or maintenance. Additionally, this package is good for people that have health issues. We typically recommend this package if testing your water for the first time. (This package is not good if industrial or farming/agricultural pollution is suspected.)

"Environmental" Water Testing Package:
This is a very inclusive package. Consider this test if you're concerned about current or old dumps/landfills, or industrial/agricultural pollution.

"Advanced Environmental" Water Testing Package:
This is the most inclusive package available, and includes a micro analysis plus analysis for semi-volatile organic compounds, in addition to everything from the Environmental Package (except plate count).

Call to Schedule Your Water Test Appointment 904-268-8211, or submit an online request here...

Water Testing Packages Comparison Chart can be found here...


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