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Keep it local... we are a locally owned and operated business, not a franchise!
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Home Inspection Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector by Wally ConwayWe've had tens of thousands of satisfied customers since 1994 - you can take great comfort knowing that we'll be here should you ever have a question about your home!

Plus, HomePro Inspections is locally owned and operated by Certified Master Professional Inspector Wally Conway - we are NOT a franchise! Read through the testimonials on our website - our amazing satisfaction ratings are a result of the high standards that HomePro Inspections requires of our entire team, as well as our dedication to customer service and constant improvement. We strive to be a Class-Act Operation all the way through.

  • All inspectors on staff are Certified Master Inspectors
  • We offer flexible scheduling so you can attend your appointment - even 7 days per week! (never a weekend fee or fuel surcharge)
  • We do no repair work, so you can be assured that our services are free of conflict - unlike other companies, we're never trying to sell remodeling, remediation services, or other products. We offer only 3rd party objective advice, assessments, and testing
  • For your peace of mind, we use infrared cameras - the latest in inspection technology - this separates the professionals from the "pretenders"
  • Only HomePro Inspectors have the experience of tens of thousands of inspections right here in Jacksonville, so we're familiar with the homes, construction techniques, and areas of town that are relavent to you
  • For your protection, HomePro inspectors are fingerprinted and background checked, and must complete a minimum of 14 hours of continuing education biannually

Austin Barbour
Austin Barbour

License #HI2280
Certified Master Inspector

Allen Schimmelmann
Allen Schimmelmann

License #HI644
Certified Master Inspector

Larry Newland
Larry Newland

License #HI601
Certified Master Inspector

Dan Copeland
Mike Binaco
License #HI8255
Certified Master Inspector

Wally Conway, President of HomePro, Host of the Home and Garden Show
Wally Conway

License #HI437
Certified Master Inspector

Corinna Greinke
Ryan Wagner

Director of Operations

Corinna Greinke
Jennifer Schoenemann

Customer Service Specialist

Tonya Stokes
Tonya Conway
General Manager

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When we bought our first home in Jacksonville, we used HomePro Inspections because we were told they offer the most comprehensive and complete inspection. It was so true. After we started in real estate, we started recommending our clients because of the outstanding service we had received ourselves. Since a home is the largest financial purchase most of our clients will ever make, we recommend HomePro Inspections so they can have the best confidence in their decision. Rating: 5 Stars (Jacksonville, FL) -- Rob and Nancy Hastings, Jacksonville Real Estate Agents

I have worked with Wally Conway and his team at HomePro for 17 years. I have referred clients to him and have hired him personally to inspect the homes I've purchased over the years. If you want to work with a team that knows the signs of a healthy or sickly home, you need to hire them. They'll give you the information you need to make an informed decision! Rating: 5 Stars (Jacksonville, FL) -- David Wakefield, Mortgage Professional

This was the second time using Home Pro, once again it was a very helpful and informative inspection. Allen came out on time and we discussed my concerns before the inspection. Wally Conway also came out to discuss the findings and ways to correct them. Rating: 5 Stars (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082) -- Sherrie Walker, Homeowner (not selling)

Wally answered every question and addressed every concern -- and we had a lot of both. He was prompt, professional and detailed. We know what to fix, what to ignore, and what to do going forward with our home thanks to Wally's feedback. (Nocatee, FL 32081) Rating: 5 Stars -- Richard Meyers, Homeowner

Dear Wally - The entire process for our inspection by Home Pro was absolutely stellar. From the moment I called your office to schedule, until the inspection was completed. My husband and I are living out of state at this time in Pennsylvania, and your team couldn’t have done a more quality job all around. Your company fulfilled every aspect of the contract, was helpful, punctual, and professional at every turn. I would fully recommend your company to anyone I meet who is in need of services like you provide. Excellent job, excellent teamwork, excellent peace of mind! If I should ever have need of another Home Inspection , you will be the first to know! Thank you so much for everything! Rating: 5 Stars -- Sincerely, Barbara M Tharp, Home Buyer

For more than 20 years, I have recommended HomePro to my buyers. All have been very satisfied with the inspection team. Both of our daughters have used HomePro inspections, too. Can't believe there are any buyers out there that are more hard to please than them. Wally, you are the best! Thanks for all you and your team do to make my real estate life easy. Rating: 5 Stars -- Regards, Babs Bowler, Real Estate Professional

I appreciate everything! I was very glad that our WDO re-inspection was included in the package I originally bought. You guys are awesome! Rating: 5 Stars (Jacksonville, FL 32257) -- Amanda Miller, Home Buyer

Mr. Conway has been a real joy to know and do business with. He has went way above and beyond what would be considered good customer service in assisting us. Thank you very much. Rating: 5 Stars (St Augustine FL) -- Robert Malone, Home Buyer

Great job and great service! The inspection was throughout and the report was detailed. I even got a visit from Wallace Conway the owner. How often do you meet the owner of any business. He's a really great guy. He even gave me a autographed copy of his new book, top that! Rating: 5 Stars (Jacksonville, FL 32244) -- Michael Carson, Home Buyer

Wally was very knowlegeable and identified quickly the reason for our water intrusion issues. He explained it thoroughly and listed what would need to be done to fix it and gave an estimate range of what he thought it would cost to fix. We were relieved to find out it was not a roofing issue and that all three problems were inter related. We have now gone to his web site for a list of vendors who he said we could trust to get the job done correctly. Overall, very worth while visit and fee to determine the root of our pesky water intrustion problem and get us on the way to fixing it. Rating: 5 Stars (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082) -- Bill & JoAnn Johnson, Homeowners

Professional! I was impressed by Wally's knowledge and his recommendations. He provided impartial and viable options for the energy problems I'm having in my home. Thanks. (Orange Park, FL) Rating: 5 Stars -- John Etter, Homeowner

Your company is the best! I live in Chicago but was having a home inspected in Florida, and Tonya and Amie did a great job of emailing me the documents and answering all my questions. They were terrific as first line contacts with your company. The inspector was incredible too; he explained everything he was doing, answered my many questions, and I will recommend him highly. Everyone was very professional and nice. Can't recommend you highly enough! (Amelia Island, FL) Rating: 5 Stars -- Karin Kinzalow, Homebuyer

Wally, As an FYI, my wife and I are under contract for the sale of our home as of yesterday, Wednesday. The first day it was on the market (Monday), a buyer viewed the house, and made an offer immediately. After about 1 day of negotiations, we came to terms within 98% of list price.

I contribute our fast sale to your pre-listing home inspection about a year ago. We, then, worked the items off the inspection list (nearly all of them, anyway), and made the necessary repairs. In this way, the house appears in top condition, and stops short many of the objections a potential buyer might propose. Naturally, the buyer will have her own inspection, if she chooses, and of course, the house must appraise.

Nevertheless, we feel that our house was priced-right at the beginning, and our home was in near perfect condition. Without a "pre-listing inspection" last May, I seriously doubt whether our home would have shown as nicely as it did, and probably would have remained on the market longer. From what I understand, the average listing in the Jacksonville area is about 6 months, and the sale price is nearer to 92% of list. therefore, we took less time to accomplish our goal, and we attained a price, we believe, closer to its value. We believe a $10,000 difference! In our opinion, the longer a house remains on the market, the less attractive it becomes to potential buyers. They begin to ask themselves, "What's wrong with that house?" The answer is normally, an overpriced listing, or a house in need of repairs .....both of which we eliminated. We studied the market for "sold homes" in our zip code, and neighborhood to determine the price before meeting the realtor. Our price and the realtor's suggested list price (which she had written down before hearing our answer) was only a $100 difference.

If ,only, other home owners would take the time to have a pre-listing home inspection, and then, study the "SOLD HOME" market before listing their homes, they would find the entire real estate experience less stressful. My wife and I are very relieved to be in the PENDING SALE position rather than LISTED market. Certainly, anything can happen before the actual close date of our property. Yet, at least we have a 'RUNNING" chance to move closer to a completed transfer of the property to a new owner.

Again, I say thank you very much for your competent and professional guidance. Without your company's review of our house in May, 2011, we wouldn't be in this position, today. You were a extremely instrumental in the sale of our property. Sincerely, Patrick Boice, Home Owner and Proud Home Seller

Thank you, you guys make it so easy! All I had to do was make one phone call and then a few clicks on the computer. I will recommend to everyone I know! The receptionist was very helpful... and the staff is very warm and professional. Rating: 5 Stars -- Mashell Moss, Homeowner

The infrared camera was neat and showed a section of the roof where the insulation was folded up. All we have to do is fold it back down, but at least we know about it! The inspector was very nice and professional and even Wally came out to see how everything was going. Overall great experience!! Rating: 5 Stars - Bryan Sumerlin, Homeowner


I am from Oregon and use HomePro Inspections to evaluate the condition of a commercial building in Jacksonville. This is the second time I have met with Mr. Conway and I will continue to depend on his expertize. He was thorough and offered invaluable help in dealing with my investment. He was concerned that I have an enjoyable time on my short visit. I feel like I have a friend I can depend on in Jacksonville. -- Ms. Toby Saalfeld, Commercial Property Owner

Thanks to Wally Conway for going above and beyond! Wally takes the time to help customers who may need assistance long after the home inspection was performed. That says a lot about a company when they take the time to make sure a customer is truly appreciated and happy. Rating: 5 Stars (Jacksonville, FL 32204) -- Jill Mero, REALTOR

Sir, I just want to let you know that I greatly appreciate your presence on the inspection yesterday with Pete "Pumpy" Pacifico. Pump and I flew OIF together and he was one of the guys who helped me qualify A/C. The trust we built then is the ONLY thing that allows me to have complete confidence making sight-unseen purchases like this. I am currently stationed overseas with one of my best friends and "business-partner," Mike "Gyro" Burns; another Nasal Radiator. In dealing with what is now our 5th investment property, we both know very well that having representatives like you of unquestionable integrity, or more simply, people who give a damn, is priceless. Thank you. (Rating: 5 Stars) -- BX Conlan, Investor and Home Buyer

As a homeowmer from Boston I do have to say I was impressed with how thourough this home inspection was. Also the reports that came with this inspection are valuable not only now but also for the future.This company goes the extra step with qualified and trained experienced inspectors. I would recommend this company. Rating: 5 Stars -- M.C., Home Buyer

I really appreciate Wally taking the time to talk to the residents of the property in question to put them at ease over their concern with mold, and for directing me to the most cost effective solution. Well worth the price of admission. Rating: 5 Stars (Neptune Beach, FL 32266) -- Tim Godfrey, Real Estate Professional

I totally agree with many others I'm sure, that your company is the very best that anyone could ask for. As a licensed REALTOR in Florida, I deal with different professionals all the time. Your company is right up there at the top. Thank you for being such an honorable and reputable service provider that I can trust to serve my customers with the highest quality and professionalism. It's so refreshing to know that there is still a company today whis is of high integrity and absolutely care about their customers. Thank you HomePro! (Jacksonville, FL) Rating: 5 Stars -- Gloria Crosby, Real Estate Professional, Homeowner and Energy Audit client

Wally was great. He took his time, did a thorough audit and explained everything. Finally, excellent customer service, knew his stuff and wanted to make sure everything was to my satisfaction. Thank you Wally! Rating: 5 Stars (Fleming Island, FL 32003) -- Teddy Bennett, Homeowner

I originally tried to schedule my inspection via the internet application, but I never heard back from anyone. I called about 2 weeks later and spoke to Tonya. She was super friendly, professional, and credited me $20 since I tried to schedule the appointment online. Good customer service goes a long way! Allen answered all my questions and emailed me the report the next morning. Rating: 4 Stars (Jacksonville, FL 32224) -- MaryRuth Murray, Home Buyer

Highly customer oriented. I feel Wally went beyond what he could have. He was friendly, very knowledgable and we will profit from his advice. Rating: 5 Stars (Fernandina Beach, FL) -- Tom Hable, Commercial Property Buyer

...Hey, thanks for the quick service on my inspection. Your inspection is saving me over $6000.00 over the life of my loan in home owners insurance costs! Now that's savings! -- Cristal Devenburg, Homeowner

Amazing experience! The Home Pro Team was very professional and very detailed. They were able to show me things about the house that I never would have thought of. They very patient with my questions, and took the time to personally show me every warning sign or problem that they found. The infrared camera was awesome! Also had a great list of trusted professionals that could assist me on any future project. I am very confident with the service provided. The 5 Star package I would highly recommend to anyone that might be buying a house. It might be a little more expensive than some other local inspectors but the money saved is well worth it. I won't trust one of the largest investments in my life to anyone else. Thank you Home Pro! Rating: 5 Stars -- Patrick Sullivan, Homeowner

I recently had the amazing experience of a HomePro inspection. Everything about the experience was exceptional; from the initial explanation, through the actual inspection, and resulting in the very thorough inspection report. I have been through a number of home inspections in the past, but no previous inspection can even begin to compare to the inspection by HomePro. I will never use another company. -- Bill Hatcher, Homeowner

... I knew that my customer and I were going to get the best service possible and actually at an affordable price for the work that was done. Your inspector checked and documented everything. What was great was the infrared work he did. I think that's just the best, especially in some of these units that have been slapped and painted for quick move in. You really need to know what's behind the walls! Rating: 5 Stars
- Sondra Sparapani, Premier Properties Realty Group

The infrared camera was neat and showed a section of the roof where the insulation was folded up. All we have to do is fold it back down, but at least we know about it! The inspector was very nice and professional and even Wally came out to see how everything was going. Overall great experience!! Rating: 5 Stars - Bryan Sumerlin, Homeowner

Amie the receptionist was the main reason we picked HomePro...All the places we called were in the same price range, but out of all the places we called she was the most polite and helpful. We would recommend HomePro to everyone! Rating: 5 Stars - Staci Chambers, Homeowner

Wally, your company was referred to by a very demanding friend of mine. We both demand a high level of performance on services provided. With that I want to share with you that I was not disappointed at all, but rather very pleased at the level of service that was provide above and beyond my expectations. Your inspector represented your company with the utmost professionalism and experience only garnered through years of service. It was truly an educational experience for me going along with your inspector during my home inspection. Without hesitation, I would refer your company to anyone. Best Regards, Bo (Home buyer)


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