In James Cameron’s epic science fiction film, “Avatar,” humans are challenged in the expansion of mining for the superconductor known as unobtanium. The Avatars are genetically engineered humanoids. The word “avatar” was originally used in Hinduism to represent the material manifestation of a deity. In the world of computers, the word has been commonly used to define a graphic representation of an individual computer user.Recently, the term “avatar” has been repurposed in marketing circles to represent a laser-focused description of your perfect prospect. Your prospect could be a customer, employee or future spouse. The point is, in order to find your avatar, you have got to have a clear picture of what your avatar looks like. Once your avatar has been described in detail, it’s simply a matter of marketing!

At HomePro Inspections, we are not miners of unobtanium on the planet Pandora. Rather, we are inspectors of homes and buildings on Earth —Florida, to be more specific. We can’t genetically engineer home inspectors, no matter how attractive the idea is. As HomePro Inspections continues to expand, the limit to our expansion is the speed at which we are able to recruit and develop top talent avatars!


What is the description of the HomePro Inspections Avatar?

  • The HomePro Inspections Avatar is someone you trust.

  • You can share your thoughts and fears with them because you sense that they appreciate and respect you. They are great communicators that bring comfort to you as they answer your questions. You can relax when your HomePro Inspections Avatar is with you.

  • Your HomePro Inspections Avatar has been in thousands of real estate transactions.

  • They know their role in protecting the customer, in managing agent liability, and in getting the deal closed.

  • Your HomePro Inspections Avatar always looks sharp.

  • They are fit and ready to perform. They crawl in attics and crawlspaces. They climb ladders. They dance on roofs. Advanced technology is standard in the tool bag of your HomePro Inspections Avatar. An Infrared camera. Moisture meter. Digital bore scope. They can see the invisible!

  • Your HomePro Inspections Avatar has an extensive background in construction, real estate, and the art of inspections.

  • You may be facing a particular real estate challenge for the first time, and it’s frightening or frustrating. Comfort comes in knowing that your HomePro Inspections Avatar has dealt with and defeated this challenge many times in the past.

  • Your HomePro Inspections Avatar is never alone.

  • The mission staff at the HomePro Intergalactic Headquarters expertly handles the support, scheduling and administration duties. The Avatar is able to focus total attention on your inspection. It’s what Avatars do. It’s what they love.

There’s No “I” in HomePro

For the largest and most challenging of inspections, your HomePro Inspections Avatar will bring a fist full of Avatar friends to get the job done fast! HomePro Inspections Avatars work well with other Avatars. There is no “I” in Avatar! HomePro Inspections Avatars are rare, representing the top 1 percent of the total home inspector universe. They are paid commensurate with their experience and commitment to excellence. They are what those who want to become home inspectors wish to be. No one succeeds alone. It is impossible for a sole practitioner to be a great home inspector, great administrator and great marketer.  And if they claim they are, they have no life. It’s just like real estate

Who do you know that has what it takes to become a HomePro Inspector? What Inspector has come to your office that has the right stuff?

When you refer a home inspector to HomePro Inspections, you are telling them that you respect them and feel they have the right stuff to be among the top 1 percent of home inspectors. They will be able to have a full schedule. They will work when they want to. They will take time off for family functions and vacations.  And they will return to a full schedule! There is a way to have a full home inspection schedule AND a full life.

Each time you meet a home inspector, share with them that HomePro is hiring. Simply refer them to the “Meet Our Team” section or contact us at (904) 268-8211. If you prefer, you can email me directly to suggest a person you feel would be an awesome HomePro Inspector. Your confidence will be respected.

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