HOME INSPECTION CHECKLIST: Do You Have Everything You Need?

October 3, 2019 | *Home Inspection Checklist (Do you have everything you need?)

Whether you’re buying a new home, putting yours on the market, or you just want a ‘once over’ homeowner’s maintenance inspection – a comprehensive inspection by HomePro Inspections LLC is undeniably essential to your peace of mind.  But you should also be aware that certain inspections may also be required by some lenders &/or homeowner’s insurance companies.  To ensure that you have everything you need, we recommend that you take a moment to review the information below.HomePro proudly offers a variety of inspection services which can accompany your comprehensive home inspection.  Plus, we are happy to offer discounted prices when bundling multiple services together!  Be sure to contact us to find out how to get the most value for the least amount of money! WDO Inspection (Florida only):  “Wood Destroying Organisms; AKA “termite inspection”A WDO Inspection is recommended to be completed during due diligence.  HomePro will inspect for visible and accessible evidence of … Continued

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New Citizens 4-Point Guidelines Complicate Insurability of Homes Over 30 Years Old

February 27, 2018 | Home Inspections

New Citizens 4-Point Insurance Guidelines Complicate Insurability of Homes Over 30 Years Old and Reduce Hopes for An “AS-IS” Sale. It’s Feared Other Insurance Companies Will Follow! Citizens Property Insurance Corporation announced major changes in the requirements for 4-Point Insurance Inspections. These changes were first shared with Florida insurance agents in Citizens Bulletin 02.09.18The purpose of the updates to the 4-Point Insurance Form (Insp4pt 01 18) and Roof Inspection Form (RCF-1 01 18) as stated by Citizens is “to evaluate risks better and determine whether a property meets Citizens’ eligibility guidelines”.

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What REALLY Happens After The Storm, Flood or Fire? You will be shocked to know when the secrets your insurance company does not want you to know are UNCOVERED!

November 11, 2017 | Insurance

Homeowner ship is the reward promised by the American Dream, but that reward is not without risks. As real estate professionals you are relied upon not only to find your customers dream home, but also to assist them in exposing, transferring and minimizing the risks of homeownership.After closing the primary risk management tool used by your customers is homeowners insurance. When you buy a tool at the hardware store it comes with instructions so that you can use the tool to complete the task at hand. When you buy homeowners insurance it does not come with user friendly instructions.

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