What Every Realtor Should Know About InspectedHouses.com

December 6, 2018 | Featured

Move over, Zillow! There’s a new Sheriff in town!Behind every great business is a team of hard-working people whose daily efforts and contributions are essential to achieving success! For home inspectors, REALTORS are an important part of that team. Quite simply put – the better you do, the better we do… and that is very much a two-way street!When we provide our superior services to clients during a pre-listing inspection, it makes your job EASIER. Knowing more about houses prior to negotiating offers means less worrying about deals falling through due to unknown deficiencies traditionally found during the buyer’s inspection!Because our successes are intertwined, we are extremely excited to partner with you on a new adventure to help get your listings sold!Through joint marketing efforts, we are able to utilize the services of InspectedHouses.com to expand the reach of your listings, and generate a higher number of serious leads for you! … Continued

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Jacksonville Boomers Downsize Homes, but Up-Size the Amenities!

August 17, 2018 | Around Town

Jacksonville say goodbye to the McMansion. According to a leading real estate website, Trulia.com, 2010 was officially the year that homes over 3,200 square feet ended their dominance and appeal. But don’t think that downsizing means downgrading. In fact, homeowners are looking to upsize their amenities to help them enjoy every inch of their homes. And, while many different generations are following this trend, Boomers are a unique group, looking to enjoy their smaller nest now that the kids have flown the coop – yet ensure that their homes are filled with the many amenities they’ll require for their golden years. HomePro Inspections provides home inspections to the Jacksonville area. Anything But Basic Baths While they may purchase a smaller floor plan, mature adults are looking for ways to turn ordinary rooms into extraordinarily indulgent experiences. In the bath, that means the ultimate spa experience – from elaborate showers to … Continued

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What Are the Rewards, Rules and Risks of Flying Your Own Drone for Real Estate Photography?

August 1, 2018 | News

The FAA recently announced that total drone registration in the United States has passed one million drones!The million drone registrations are NOT the total number of drones since many registered drone users own multiple drones. Estimates are that the number of drones in the US exceeds 5,000,000!Drone users are identified as being “hobbyists” or “commercial users.” The FAA has deemed that real estate photography is a “commercial use.” It is estimated that real estate photography accounts for 22% of drone use!Drones are the perfect tool to capture breathtaking videos and still photography for your listings. The question is:  Should you fly your own drone for real estate photography?♦♦ THE REWARDS ARE MANY! ♦♦To begin with, it’s fun to fly a drone! For less than $1,000 you can own a quality drone that could pay for itself very quickly.♦♦ THE RULES ARE MANY! ♦♦To fly a drone for commercial use, you MUST have an FAA-issued “Remote … Continued

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Why would agents pay for leads on Zillow?

May 10, 2018 | Home Inspections

Startling Statistics Reveal Realtors Pay for 28% of Listing Inspections Rather Than Paying for Zillow Leads!There is no denying the Zillow is the 900 pound gorilla. Each month there are more than 160 MILLION visits to Zillow. More than 80% of ALL homes in America can be viewed on Zillow!

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Free Home Inspection by Top Producer Betty Layton

April 1, 2018 | News

HomePro Inspections has teamed with with a Realty Executives Oceanside Top Producer in Jacksonville, real estate agent Betty Layton for a pre-listing inspection on your home!  Betty will pay for your home inspection (up to a $600 value) when you list your home with her.  Betty’s fantastic listing program is designed to sell your home quickly for top dollar!To get your free home inspection, contact Betty Layton at http://bettylayton.net/ 

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Monument Commercial Building Inspections Opens World Headquarters in Jacksonville

March 1, 2018 | Commercial Inspections

Referring your commercial real estate clients to a full-service commercial inspection company just got easier with the arrival of Monument Commercial Building Inspections into the Florida market. The commercial real estate world differs greatly from the residential market and understanding those differences is critical to keeping your commercial real estate deal together.

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New Citizens 4-Point Guidelines Complicate Insurability of Homes Over 30 Years Old

February 27, 2018 | Home Inspections

New Citizens 4-Point Insurance Guidelines Complicate Insurability of Homes Over 30 Years Old and Reduce Hopes for An “AS-IS” Sale. It’s Feared Other Insurance Companies Will Follow! Citizens Property Insurance Corporation announced major changes in the requirements for 4-Point Insurance Inspections. These changes were first shared with Florida insurance agents in Citizens Bulletin 02.09.18The purpose of the updates to the 4-Point Insurance Form (Insp4pt 01 18) and Roof Inspection Form (RCF-1 01 18) as stated by Citizens is “to evaluate risks better and determine whether a property meets Citizens’ eligibility guidelines”.

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Veterans Answered the Call to Protect YOUR Home…

February 10, 2018 | News

…Will You Answer the Call to Lead Them to Homeownership?The thought of a homeless veteran is painful. If any among us deserves a safe place to sleep it is our veterans. Numerous agencies and associations Federal, state and local are working to eliminate this problem.Homeownership is the quintessential American Dream. Since the end of World War II the Veterans Administration has offered programs designed to enhance the opportunities for our Veterans to live that dream. Most notable among those programs is the VA Home Loan.

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Kidde Recalls 40 Million Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure to Discharge and Nozzle Detachment: One Death Reported

January 1, 2018 | News

You know the importance of having a fire extinguisher for your home, vehicle and boat. Fire extinguishers save lives and property. Seldom are they used and when needed it is a life or death situation.In a voluntary agreement with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Kidde has agreed to recall more than 40 million fire extinguishers. Most of the recalled fire extinguishers are used in homes, vehicles and boats. Many of the fire extinguishers being recalled were provided by manufactures of trucks, RV’s and boats as original equipment.

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