SEWER SCOPE INSPECTION: What is it, and Why is it Important?

August 27, 2019 | Residential Inspections

SEWER SCOPE INSPECTION: What is it, and Why is it Important?Whether you’re dealing with a new construction single-family house, or an older multi-unit home, Sewer Scope Inspections are one of the most important types of inspections any buyer, seller or owner can have. WHAT IS A SEWER SCOPE INSPECTION?A sewer scope is a video inspection of the lateral sewer line from the house at or near the foundation to the city, HOA tap, or the septic tank. The inspector runs a camera scope on a 100-foot cord down the sewer line, stopping at the sewer main/septic tank, or until an obstruction prevents it from going any further.WHAT ARE SOME COMMON SEWER LINE ISSUES?Root intrusion, crushed/collapsed sewer lines from heavy construction equipment, cracks, holes, pooling, and pipe separation/disconnected joints are just some of the many issues which can occur in sewer lines, and may cause a future backup, leading to emergency repairs … Continued

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