John Maxwell has been named the top leadership expert by INC Magazine and The American Management Association. He has authored over 100 books that have sold over 25 Million copies in fifty languages. He has presented leadership programs for dozens of Fortune 500 compaines, presidents of nations as well at the US Military Academy. The guy knows leadership.

The 2.0 verson of the book is totally revised and updated from the original version published in 1997. It takes into account the new challenges faced by leaders. He also honestly and openly acknowledges the changes in his own perspective on leadership as he has evolved as a leader over the last 50 years.

I’m a devotee of John Maxwell. His books are easy to read. Insightful. Thought provoking and readily implemented into daily life.  I’m also a guy who writes notes in books and is aggressive with a yellow highlighter. That let’s me revisit key concepts in the future and when I loan books it allows me to share my reaction to specific content in the book with the other person.

The challenge for me when I read Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 was choosing what NOT to highlight! It’s like John bought stock in a highlighter company before revising the book with the intention to consume a 6-pack of highlighters with each copy sold!

There is a reluctance by some people to see themselves as leaders or serving in a leadership role. John addresses this in the first chapter of the book stating that leadership simply as influence. He defines leadership as “the ability to obtain followers”.

Johns believe is that we are all serving in numerous leadership roles in our daily lives on a personal level as spouse, parent and friend.

In our professional lives he shares that we simultaneously and varying relationship roles with numerous people in our business sphere. John describes these as “The Five Levels of Leadership”.

A key to influence as a leader is to recognize what level of leadership we entered the relationship, honor the responsibilities of that level of leadership and where appropriate taking the relationship to a higher level of leadership.

When choosing books for your reading list it is impossible to make a mistake with anything written by John Maxwell. And as a continuum of personal growth a regular diet of Maxwell will keep you on a path to personal and professional success. John’s books also make great gifts.