How the heck does a Certified Master Inspector who grew up in South Florida wanting to be a rock star end up as an offshore power boat racer hanging out with Oprah? Larry Newland is a Certified Master Inspector, loves being a home inspector, and works almost exclusively by referral as a Certified Master Inspector….but that was NOT the man’s original plan! Just like many young guys growing up in the 1950’s our featured HomePro Inspections certified master inspector, Larry, wanted to be a Rock and Roll Star! By the age of 13 with guitar in hand he started the rock and roll band “The Coachmen”. The Coachmen played together for more than a dozen years in venues all around South Florida.

Founder The Coachman

From Music to Electric Supplies

Soon after Larry’s 25th birthday it became clear that fame and fortune were not in Larry’s music future he sought a source of income that would allow him to live the life of a rock star. He built an electrical supply company that earned him all the big boy toys.

As Larry describes it “My favorite toy in South Florida was my custom Pantera off-shore racing boat “Raisin Hell”.  Twin full-race super-modified Merc engines with 375 HP each.  Awesome!  They could scare you to death!” How’d you like to have the fuel bill on that ride?

What’s a successful guy in Miami do when he’s not “Raisin Hell” on a poker run to the Keys? Larry says “being from South Florida, and a Miami Dolphins charter season ticket holder, I’m a big Dolphin fan. The Jags are my second team and that’s not always easy”. Did Larry forget that Chad Henne was a Dolphin?

Hanging with Oprah

So how did this rock and rolling, offshore powerboat racing, Certified Master Inspector end up hanging with Oprah Winfrey? When Oprah was building her penthouse on Fisher Island she called on Larry as her trusted go to guy to supply the electrical components. Larry’s people pleasing personality was easy for Oprah to be comfortable with and from there Larry and wife Jeanie became guests at Oprah’s annual Christmas party.

Next Chapter: Home Inspections

Jeanie Oprah LarryLarry sold his electrical contracting business while still a young man, but early retirement was not for him. Why home inspections? Larry explains, “being a people person, I really enjoy doing Home Inspections.  I meet interesting people, see some amazing real estate, and keep active physically and mentally.  When I moved up here, and left my small, but successful, inspection business in South Florida, I knew Wally was the right man to go with, because like I did in South Florida, he likes to do inspections RIGHT.  Simple: If you don’t do them right… you don’t work for Wally, and I respect that.  You’re not going to find a better crew than the HomePro Team!”

While that does should like a shameless plug for HomePro, it was truly an unsolicited testimonial direct from Larry that was just too darn good to edit out!

So what’s this guy Larry Newland really about? “Actually, there’s nothing more important to me than my two little granddaughters!  I never miss one of their functions… Papaw is always there! My daughter requested that I not publish and send out pictures of them for the whole world, and I understand”. If you’d like to see a pictures, check that….., if you like to see a few thousand pictures of Larry’s beloved granddaughters, just ask him at your next home inspection with Larry….if you show him yours, he’ll show you his!

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