water quality testing

Homeowners often talk about how they don’t want to compromise on the quality of their life within their house. For this, they ensure different inspections and testing are scheduled.

But do you realize that besides different aspects of your house, one thing that determines your quality of life is your water quality? When homeowners are busy scrutinizing other aspects of their homes, they miss out on testing for water quality. And so, this leads to unforeseen health issues coming your way.

What can you do about it?

Expand the list of testing and inspections you’re scheduling for your house with water quality testing.

In this blog, we’ll discuss water quality testing, its role for your family, and why it’s important.

What Is Water Quality Testing?

Water is life. It’s especially true inside your house. Over time, however, water gets contaminated by bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other harmful substances. This is what makes water testing essential.

Water quality testing is the process where professionals analyze a sample of water to determine its quality and identify any potential contaminants.

This analysis can reveal details like the presence of pathogens, the amount of nutrients or contaminants, and the overall state of the water.

The Importance of Water Quality Testing

Water quality is how you ensure your family remains healthy and well-functioning.

And how is it ensured?

Test the water quality against proper standards and analyze whether those standards are maintained.

Moreover, several reasons make water quality testing important, so you don’t want to miss it as a responsible homeowner.


This one is obvious.

Water quality tests ensure your house’s water is free from harmful contaminants. Well, you may get to know that your water quality is already contaminated because of different signs like smell, discoloration, or taste.

But there’s a high chance that you might be unable to detect the contamination without proper testing. This is because many contaminants are tasteless, colorless, and microscopic. And it’s wise to schedule a water quality test before it’s too late.

Taste and Smell

Secondly, water quality testing can help you identify sources of unfavorable smells and tastes. This is especially true if your main water supply is through a well. A well water test can then help you know whether the contamination is because of the soil or some other reason.

In many instances, your water might smell like rotten eggs because of its sulfur content, which is less than appealing. This is where a water quality test helps you decide and choose the best water filtration system for your home.

So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s water quality, scheduling a water test must be on your priority list. You can decide on the best filtration system or other measures based on the results.


The quality of your family’s life within your house is not threatened only by contaminated water. But it can also be affected by various potential problems like plumbing problems. And water tests play an important role here as well.

These tests help you learn whether the water supplied to your house damages your plumbing system. For example, acidic water is corrosive and can erode your pipes. So, the plumbing in your house may last longer if the water is tested and treated.


There’s no guarantee that the water quality will remain the same throughout the period you reside in your house. So, to be safe, it’s ideal to schedule your regular water tests. These tests will alert you about changes in your drinking water.

Moreover, you can determine the effectiveness of your treatment solutions over time. And as we mentioned above, your water may not look, smell, or taste different. But it could still contain different contaminants from one test to the next.

Common Water Contaminants and Their Impact on Health

The drinking water in your house could be contaminated with some pollutants that harm your health. You cannot become aware of contaminants until they have made you unwell, as many of them are impossible to detect. Common contaminants include:

Bacteria and viruses

Of course, you don’t want to drink viruses or germs. Since viruses and bacteria have solitary cells, a water test is necessary to determine whether any are present.


Ammonia is frequently present in the fertilizer. It harms a person’s metabolism when taken in high concentrations. But if your water has ammonia, you might experience an off-putting smell and taste.


Arsenic is poisonous to humans. Small doses used over a long period may result in slow poisoning, which takes years to show symptoms. Arsenic poisoning can cause cardiac issues, immune system problems, and different cancers.


Lead poisoning can cause bone marrow or organ damage. And if your water is contaminated, there’s a high chance that it contains lead. This will lead to severe illness. It’s more important to schedule a water quality test if your children live with you, as they’re at higher risk since they absorb more of the lead they ingest.


This is the most common water contamination. If consumed, mercury can harm the kidneys and the brain. ChlorAlkali plants, metal refining, and sewage are some sources of mercury in water. 

Other pollutants like iron, barium, cadmium, fluoride, radium, and uranium are also identified in water tests. Any of these pollutants in high doses have the potential to be harmful to your family’s health.


In conclusion, with increasing concerns about pollutants and contaminants in water sources, water quality testing is one of the major steps you can take to secure your family’s health.

These tests help identify potential contaminants in your water and recommend the steps you can take to deal with those in the future.

Investing in home water quality testing promotes a safer and healthier living environment and empowers you to make informed decisions about water purification.

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