Ryan Wagner did not grow up dreaming of becoming Director of Operations at HomePro Inspections. However, Ryan becoming Director of Operations has been a dream come true for HomePro Inspections!
Born in Canada and growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Ryan dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. He was competitive by nature and played on a team for all seasons. Hockey, baseball, basketball, and football. Football became Ryan’s passion.

As a 8th grader, Ryan was the starting defensive back on his middle school team until suffering a broken collar bone while returning a punt ended his season. It was during his recovery that he decided he wanted to be a quarterback!

Starting for two seasons as quarterback for the Harry Ainley High School “Titans”, Ryan was having success on the football field and his dream of professional football continued.

Recruited as a quarterback by several colleges, Ryan recognized the reality that he would most likely be a bench rider and that college bench riders do not go on to quarterback professional football teams. It was time to change his plan.

After careful consideration and much introspection, Ryan “decided that if I was going to be involved in pro sports, my ticket was not going to be punched though my athletic abilities, and so I did my degree in physical education and sports management and continued the pursuit of my dream that way”.

After graduation from the University of Edmonton, Ryan applied for and secured a job with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. His first position was in ticket sales.

Ryan was in the building and on the payroll of a professional football team!

Ryan’s joy in playing football was fulfilled on the flag football field. An unfortunate event on the field led to a life changing event off the field. A torn ACL in his right knee necessitated surgery followed by intensive physical therapy.

Ryan tells the story… “It was during physical therapy that I was introduced to the greatest love of my life, Cindy. She was working as a physical therapist and gave treatment on my knee. Being the smooth guy that I am, just as our last session together was ending, I gave her my business card and told her to call me if she ever wanted some tickets to a game. Somehow that worked and I am glad it did because as they say, the rest is history!”

After a season of ticket sales, Ryan shares that “A miracle happened. Fiona Smith, the admin assistant to the Director of Football operations became pregnant after years of trying.” Her dream coming true allowed Ryan’s dream to continue. He was now involved on the football side of the business.

When Fiona returned to the team after maternity leave she became the Executive Assistant to the President.

Ryan was having success in ever increasing levels of responsibility. When a new General Manager was named, he promoted Ryan to Director of Football Operations with duties that included player contract negotiations, salary cap management, and all things on the business side of the team.

In professional sports, the true measure of success is winning. And it 2015 the Edmonton Eskimos won the Grey Cup, the Super Bowl of Canadian Football!

Success in professional sports comes with a price. That price is working 16 hour days, 7 days per week, every week of the year. It is a lifestyle that can easily consume people and families. Ryan and Cindy made the bold decision to abandon professional sports. And while they were making big life changes, they made the decision to abandon the snow in Canada, and they headed to Florida.

Ryan, Cindy and Herbert (their corgi), drove together to Florida in search of a new life! That search eventually landed them in Jacksonville and ultimately a position for Ryan as Director of Operations for HomePro inspections.

Since assuming his duties at HomePro, Ryan has led the company to a near doubling of staff and revenue as well as opening additional streams of business. He has brought crispness to the office staff and an analytical mind to all business decisions.

Ryan has made HomePro Inspections a better company to be a part of and a better company to do business with. Give him call or stop by and say hello to see for yourself!