Would Your World Be Better If You Had An Easy Way To Make Your Home Healthy Without All The Media Hype and Hysteria? Here’s The Answer You’ve Been Wishing For!

If you’re like me, you want to know that your home is a healthy place to live. While you seek simple solutions what you most often get is confusion followed by fear or expense. It doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to Jeff May.

Meeting Jeff

My first meeting with Jeff was at an ASHI home inspection convention back in the mid 90’s. Jeff was a home inspector in Boston with a unique background. He was a Harvard graduate with an M.S. Degree in Organic Chemistry. That was as odd at ASHI as my US Naval Academy degree in Physical Science! The title of Jeff’s presentation to the home inspectors was “Mold: The Growing Threat to Real Estate.” How could you not get excited to attend that presentation?

My House is Killing Me by Jeffrey C. May

Jeff’s 3 Brains

What impressed me most was that Jeff was able to deliver his presentation simultaneously in three different languages using three different brains! Using his Harvard brain he was able to deliver the science behind mold and indoor air quality without flaw. With his home inspector brain he was able to explain the investigative approach to discover what caused the problem and how to solve it. And with his homeowner brain he was able to blend it all together in an easy to understand way that was not frightening. It was comforting.

A Must Read for Everyone

Jeff’s book “My House Is Killing Me: The Home Guide for Families with Allergies and Asthma” was first published by The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. That fact alone stands as testament to the validity of his work. What makes this book a must read is that all of us spend most of our lives indoors! And as best expressed by Ben Franklin “..I am certain that no air is so unwholesome as the air in a closed room that has been often breathed and not changed”. And Ben Franklin was concerned about indoor air before air-conditioning, indoor plumbing and the household chemicals associated with modern living.

Bed Bugs LOVE Wet Hair!

Tips for Avoiding Mold & Mites

Jeff’s pragmatic approach to a healthy home takes you room by room to hunt for sources of irritation that can be easily eliminated. Somethings you might not think about can be making your home a welcome place for mold and mites.

Here are but a few examples:

  • Never go to bed with wet hair. Mites and bed-bugs love moisture!
  • Use powder with talc, not cornstarch. Cornstarch is food for mold and mites!
  • Do not use mothballs or spray pesticides indoors, especially in the bedroom!
Jeffrey C May

If you don’t have asthma or allergies, this book is still a great read to help you make your home as heathy and fresh smelling as possible. If you or someone you love does have breathing related issues, Jeff’s book is a must read. This book is so useful that I have personally distributed over 500 copies to people who were trying to solve health issues in their home or office. It is an awesome campaign to best understand how to solve problems in your home after air sampling for allergens. Contact us at (904) 268-8211 today to request a quote!

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