Casey Land and Family
Casey Lane and Family
There’s a ton of talk going on these days about saving family farms. Some blame goofy government subsidy programs.  That’s a factor. Some blame the industrialization of the food chain. That’s a factor, too. Two questions for you: Do family farms matter? And if family farms matter, how do we save them?


Family farms matter a lot to the families that own them and to the families that work them. Some farms have been tended by the same families for generations, spanning centuries. Some are a first-generation fulfillment of a dream. Family farms matter to me because farm-fresh food tastes GREAT! Family farms matter to me because it makes my body feel healthier. Family farms matter to me because some of the finest, hardest working, and most since people you will ever meet are family farmers.

Casey Lane & kids



Meet Casey Lane. Casey and his family raise hogs. His hogs are raised without hormones, antibiotics, or other toxins. They waddle around the farm, getting fat on foods that are natural for hogs to eat. Hogs that eat well taste great! Casey and other local family farmers support each other. They share knowledge, ideas, and equipment. They also cooperate to sell and distribute farm fresh foods. That co-op makes it easy and affordable for you to get a great  variety of regional seasonal farm fresh foods all year long.


Pig / Pork Meat


To take a taste of the best darn food you will ever put in your mouth, food that will help you be healthy, not make you sick, grab you some great grub at  If you really care about saving family farms, it’s simple. Buy their food. And say thank you to Casey Lane!