Awesome Inspectors Wanted: Quest for the Ultimate Home Inspection Avatar!

June 1, 2018 | Featured

In James Cameron’s epic science fiction film, “Avatar,” humans are challenged in the expansion of mining for the superconductor known as unobtanium. The Avatars are genetically engineered humanoids. The word “avatar” was originally used in Hinduism to represent the material manifestation of a deity. In the world of computers, the word has been commonly used to define a graphic representation of an individual computer user.Recently, the term “avatar” has been repurposed in marketing circles to represent a laser-focused description of your perfect prospect. Your prospect could be a customer, employee or future spouse. The point is, in order to find your avatar, you have got to have a clear picture of what your avatar looks like. Once your avatar has been described in detail, it’s simply a matter of marketing!

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