Real Food. Real Farm. Real Farmer!

November 14, 2016 | Food & Fun

There’s a ton of talk going on these days about saving family farms. Some blame goofy government subsidy programs.  That’s a factor. Some blame the industrialization of the food chain. That’s a factor, too. Two questions for you: Do family farms matter? And if family farms matter, how do we save them?  Family farms matter a lot to the families that own them and to the families that work them. Some farms have been tended by the same families for generations, spanning centuries. Some are a first-generation fulfillment of a dream. Family farms matter to me because farm-fresh food tastes GREAT! Family farms matter to me because it makes my body feel healthier. Family farms matter to me because some of the finest, hardest working, and most since people you will ever meet are family farmers.  Meet Casey Lane. Casey and his family raise hogs. His hogs are raised without hormones, … Continued

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Great Fresh Food Sources!

August 14, 2016 | Around Town

It’s awesome to know that you have been enjoying the recipes I’ve been sharing with you through the years. It’s especially rewarding to hear that so many of you have experimented with foods you would never have considered before reading about how delicious they are, and how simple it is to prepare them. Some of you have even shared that your newfound fresh and funky food passion has resulted in a more healthy and vibrant life! The most common question we get about the recipes is if we REALLY eat them, or if it’s just a story. The story is we really prepare them at home, eat them, and enjoy them. Often on the boat! A consistent question is, “Where do you find your awesome ingredients?”  To answer that, we’ll share with you some of our favorite sites to find great groceries.  An awesome place to get a fast glance … Continued

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