HomePro New Construction Phase Inspection creates a win for Customer, Builder, and Agent!

August 3, 2018 | Featured

Absolutely the Easiest Way to Get Your New Construction Home-Buyers to Contract Quicker, Feel Comfortable During Construction and Eliminate the Need For Crazy Call-Back Complaints after Closing! It’s amazing to ponder the wonders of modern manufacturing.  An automated assembly line can spit out dozens of luxury cars an hour with hardly a human hand. Micro-chips are being built and surgeries on humans are now being performed by robots.  Yet, we still build homes on-site, of wood, and by hand! No matter the eye of the architect, the will of the contractor or the skill of the carpenter – as long as home building is being done by human hands, there will be errors. Discovering those errors as soon as they occur so they can be easily corrected is the role of the home inspector in new construction. HomePro’s New Construction Phase Inspection Program The primary goal of the HomePro New … Continued

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