What Can You Do So Your Existing Home Listings Can Compete With the Peace of Mind Provided by a Builder’s Structural Warranty on a New Home?

August 5, 2018 | Featured

You’ve no doubt had this happen to you. You’ve shown your customer an existing home that appears perfect for them. They love the neighborhood. They love the schools. They love the home!  All that remains is to put pen to paper and this baby is SOLD!You haven’t heard from the buyer for a few days so you call them… That’s when they drop the bomb!“We were looking at NEW homes this weekend and decided that’s what we’re most comfortable with so we put in a contract with the builder.”LET’S BE BLUNT.In the mind of the buyer, the Builder’s Structural Warranty carries much more weight than the typical 12-Month warranty offered by most sellers:Too many exclusions and NO STRUCTURAL COVERAGE!No home warranty company has had the courage to offer a structural warranty on an existing home…UNTIL NOW!Residential Warranty Services President, Nathan Thornberry, recently announced the creation of the NXT Structural Warranty Program. … Continued

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