What Are the Rewards, Rules and Risks of Flying Your Own Drone for Real Estate Photography?

August 1, 2018 | News

The FAA recently announced that total drone registration in the United States has passed one million drones!The million drone registrations are NOT the total number of drones since many registered drone users own multiple drones. Estimates are that the number of drones in the US exceeds 5,000,000!Drone users are identified as being “hobbyists” or “commercial users.” The FAA has deemed that real estate photography is a “commercial use.” It is estimated that real estate photography accounts for 22% of drone use!Drones are the perfect tool to capture breathtaking videos and still photography for your listings. The question is:  Should you fly your own drone for real estate photography?♦♦ THE REWARDS ARE MANY! ♦♦To begin with, it’s fun to fly a drone! For less than $1,000 you can own a quality drone that could pay for itself very quickly.♦♦ THE RULES ARE MANY! ♦♦To fly a drone for commercial use, you MUST have an FAA-issued “Remote … Continued

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