Super Secrets to Reducing Realtor Risk During Real Estate Repairs

July 20, 2018 | Featured

Realtor Risk-Reducing SecretsWouldn’t you love it if every real estate deal was all cash for the full listed price and an “AS IS” sale? Of course you would!  If every deal was like that, you’d never have to mess with managing repairs. Managing repairs in a real estate transaction is a case study in conflict. The buyer wants the repairs to be perfect while the seller wants them to be cheap. It’s no secret that there is no such thing as a perfect repair, and if there was such a thing, it would surely not be cheap. HomePro Inspections has the expert insight into how realtors can reduce their risk.Protect Your Buyer, Your Seller, and Your Real Estate License!What do YOU want in a real estate repair? Having asked this question to thousands of real estate agents here in Jacksonville as well as in 30 Realtor Associations around Florida, you’ve told … Continued

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