Dead Deals and Recycled Reports

December 15, 2016 | Home Inspections

Everyone knows that at the end of a home inspection, a report is generated that outlines the findings of the home inspector is generated. But did you know that this is not intended to be a “hit list” of negatives? Home inspectors do what we do in order to objectively describe the home. This is not the place for emotion, but rather a simple stating of the facts. Homes do not ‘pass or fail’ inspections; the purpose of the report is merely to describe each home’s strengths or weaknesses.Inspections are also not intended to favor the buyer, nor the seller. In fact, the greatest flattery an inspector can receive is for the seller of a recently inspected home to call the same inspector to inspect their next home. This action tells everyone that the inspector discovered every defect known to the seller, and then discussed and documented those defects in … Continued

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