How can you live your life to your fullest potential? That was the question asked by journalist Daniel Coyle. His study of high achieving individuals and hotbeds of talent led to his discovery that developing your own talent can be distilled down to three simple actions:

Deep Practice – More than just time on task, deep practice is reflective and corrective. Deep practice as can increase your skill up to ten times faster than conventional practice.

Ignition – More than simple motivation, ignition is lights a passion for the task that emotes from your deepest unconscious desires and is activated by primal cues. Understanding how this works can help you ignite your own passion.

Master Coaching – Mohamad Ali was coached by Angelo Dundee. Bart Starr was coached by Vince Lombardi. Michael Jordan was coached by Phil Jackson. Master coaching applies equally in business, including the business of real estate!

The combination of these three actions combines in your brain to form myelin. Myelin is the neural fiber that acts as insulation on the wires when your neurons fire. Myelin is responsible for the speed and accuracy of your movements and thoughts.

Your myelin is not limited to what you were born with, rather it grows when you nourish and cultivate it with deep practice, ignition and master coaching.
It’s been my pleasure to work with many agents local and around the country that have coaches. Agents routinely report that their success is a credit to their coach combined with their commitment to deep practice!

How do you find a great coach to who will guide you and hold you accountable to accomplishing your goals?

Inman has a list of the 25 Best Real Estate Coaches. Being coached by any of them or members of their team can is certain to get your myelin growing and business surging!

I’ve had the benefit of being directly influenced by (8) of the (25) and am being regularly coached by two of them.

Read the talent code. Get a coach. And practice!

It would be awesome to sip coffee with you in my office early one morning to share ideas on coaches. All you need now is ignition!