In collaboration with the Northeast Florida Builders Association and Client Focused Media, “The Home and Garden Show” is expanding to television!

It’s been 15 years since “The Happy Home Inspector” show first aired on News 104.5 WOKV in 2003, and ten years since morphing to become “The Home and Garden Show.”  Time does fly when you’re having fun!

Radio was not my original venture into mass media, it began for me on HGTV as a featured expert inspector on the show “House Detectives.”  That show was a fun four-year run until production went to the west coast, eliminating any Jacksonville episodes.

The East Coast production company rebranded that show as “Finders Fixers” and moved to the DIY Network, where it aired for another season before the screen went dark on my national television career.  In 2007 with co-host Mike Cella, we launched “My Buddies Boat TV,” which was the nautical version of “The Real Estate Show,” featuring luxury boats and yachts for sale in Jacksonville.

When green building, energy efficiency, and the stimulus dollars were flowing in 2011, we produced “Energy Savers TV” to help local home owners learn more about lowering their energy bills, and to introduce them to the contractors who could help them save money.

It is with that media background focused on homes, remodeling, and connecting people with trusted local builders, remodelers, and suppliers that “The Home and Garden TV Show” is being launched.  Like any venture, having perfect partners is key to success.

The Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA) is the perfect partner, and we would love to partner with you!  Under the leadership of President Chris Dostie and CEO Bill Garrison, NEFBA is among the most respected builders associations in the nation.

In addition to leadership in education for new home builders, the NEFBA Remodelers Council works for the advancement of the home renovations with the finest contractors, suppliers and vendors in our area.

Regional Councils ensure that the local interests of all counties are well-served.  The Professional Women in Building works to empower women in the building business.

Building the bridge between new construction and general real estate agents is the role of the Sales and Marketing Council (SMC).  The relationships built at SMC events get new homes sold by real estate agents, and get local lenders and vendors more business.

The philanthropic arm of NEFBA is Builders Care.  Under the leadership of Executive Officer Justin Brown, the mission of Builders Care is to provide affordable-to-no-cost construction services to the elderly, disabled and other nonprofits in Northeast Florida, with the kindred purpose of building a better habitat for all.

Interviewing you and featuring your business on “Home and Garden TV” is a wonderful way to share with our community the special service that you can provide to them.  Your regular appearance on the show creates credibility  and a comfort for people with you, that you are the trusted local expert!  Your appearance in “Home and Garden TV” also associates you with builders, remodelers and vendors who are committed to building business together.  It’s an awesome network of top professionals!

A portion of all proceeds from the “Home and Garden TV Show” are donated to Builders Care to enable them to expand the reach of their mission, and enhance the philanthropic efforts of you and your company.

The learn more about the opportunities for you and your business on “The Home and Garden TV Show,” contact our show producer Howard Wolpoff of Client Focused Media at 904-451-8252, email or visit to see a sneak preview!