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Even if asbestos is not your main concern, you should be aware of its existence if you are purchasing or remodeling a home. Asbestos, a dangerous building material until the late 1980s, can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma. Don’t worry if asbestos causes an insurance inspection failure. You can prevent this problem and protect your family. This blog post discusses asbestos, its risks, the need for house testing by a Jacksonville, FL, home inspector, and what to do if your home fails an insurance inspection due to asbestos.

What is Asbestos?


Asbestos refers to a group of minerals commonly used in various construction materials due to their heat-resistant properties. These minerals comprise tiny fibers that can easily become airborne when disturbed, making them extremely hazardous to health. Asbestos can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. These disorders may not exhibit symptoms for years or decades.

Insulation, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, roofing shingles, and siding in older homes contain asbestos. Asbestos-containing materials can emit toxic fibers into the air, harming nearby residents. Asbestos testing in Jacksonville is essential. Homeowners must know how to handle asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in their homes.

What are the risks of Asbestos?


Building materials used asbestos until the 1980s, despite its health risks. Inhaled asbestos fibers can cause major health issues. Mesothelioma, which affects the lungs and other organs, is the greatest health risk from asbestos exposure. Pleural thickening and asbestosis are other risks.

Many diseases don’t show symptoms for years or decades, making diagnosis and therapy challenging. Asbestos is harmful. To ensure safety and avoid injury, have a professional inspect your asbestos-containing goods. These tests will help protect you and others from exposure hazards.

How can you get rid of Asbestos?


It is crucial to get rid of any asbestos-containing materials in your home. However, only trained personnel should handle the removal of asbestos. Having an examination performed by a certified specialist who can determine the full scope of the asbestos problem is the first step in the removal process. Once located, a removal strategy will be developed that adheres to all applicable safety standards.

Workers removing Asbestos will do so while outfitted in protective gear and using machinery suited for the substance. They will also seal off the areas that are being worked on to keep the rest of your house clean.

Asbestos-containing materials must be disposed of safely after they are removed. Typically, this entails putting them in sealed containers and taking them elsewhere to dispose of. Attempting DIY asbestos removal or improper disposal can lead to serious health implications for you and others around you. Always hire a professional to deal with hazardous materials as asbestos.

What to Do if Your Home Doesn’t Pass an Insurance Inspection Due To Asbestos


Don’t freak out if an asbestos discovery causes your home to fail an insurance inspection. If asbestos fibers enter the lungs, they can cause serious damage. You must take immediate action to get rid of it. Getting in touch with an asbestos removal business should be your first step. These businesses have the know-how and gear to eliminate the danger of the drug from your home.

After the asbestos has been eliminated, a new inspection by a qualified professional is required. Doing so guarantees that all asbestos has been removed from your home.

In addition to informing your insurer, you’ll need to give them proof that the asbestos was safely removed from the premises. This will strengthen the likelihood that your insurance provider will pay for claims arising from this matter in the future. It’s challenging to deal with asbestos, but you can keep your family safe with the right safeguards and professional help.

Don’t stress out if your home fails an insurance inspection because of asbestos. The asbestos problem may be fixed, and your house can become a safe place for you and your family. Start by locating a reputable company that does Asbestos testing in Jacksonville Fl such as HomePro Inspections. If you suspect asbestos is present in your house, you should consult with experts to remove the material safely. Moving elsewhere temporarily during construction is possible, but everyone’s safety is always paramount.

The presence of asbestos can be frightening and daunting, but taking swift action is essential to halting its spread and protecting people’s health. It’s important to be aware of potential dangers at home and to take preventative steps as needed.