Similar to how a CarFax® report provides historical information about a vehicle, a permit history report (powered by BuildFax) provides the documented construction history of a home. At HomePro Inspections, a permit history report is included in some home inspection packages and can also be ordered separately. Request a quote now or call (904) 268-8211 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

This report is intended to help you make a sound investment, and understand the construction history of the property. The following items are included in the report:

  • Documented construction and repairs
  • Value increases from major improvements or remodeling
  • Ages of major systems (HVAC, etc.)
  • History of water or fire damage reports, etc.
BuildFax Permit History Report

*The Permit History Report attempts to make the construction history of the home easy to understand and use. However, the provider of this report encourages the final user to verify all report data with the local governing municipality. The report provider collects data from building departments throughout the United States and searches for your address, city, state, and zip within that data. Even if permit history is not available for your specific address, the report information is useful to know information for the surrounding community.

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