Whether you’re dealing with a new construction single-family house, or an older multi-unit home, Sewer Line Inspections are one of the most important types of inspections any buyer, seller or owner can have. At HomePro Inspections, we proudly offer Sewer Line Inspections. Request a quote now or call (904) 268-8211 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.


Sewer Line

What is a Sewer Line Inspection?

Sewer Line Inspections are used to determine the current condition of the sewer line, and make known any potential damages that cannot be detected otherwise.

  • Can be added to a comprehensive home inspection
  • Can be offered as a stand-alone service

Description: *A sewer line is a video inspection of the lateral sewer line from the house at or near the foundation to the city, HOA tap, or the septic tank. The inspector runs a camera scope on a 100-foot cord down the sewer line, stopping at the sewer main/septic tank, or until an obstruction prevents it from going any further.

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*Note: This is NOT a sewer/septic tank inspection. For information on sewers/septic tanks, please view our Trusted Contractors.

Learn the Facts about Sewer Line Inspections


Root intrusion, crushed/collapsed sewer lines from heavy construction equipment, cracks, holes, pooling, and pipe separation/disconnected joints are just some of the many issues which can occur in sewer lines.


Homes built prior to 2000, properties with non-PVC sewer lines, and any building with trees in the front yard are especially vulnerable to sewer line issues.


New Construction properties may also be vulnerable from incomplete sewer line construction, and construction debris.


Repairs can easily cause upwards of tens of thousands of dollars that the homeowner is responsible for.

*When Sewer Line is added to a comprehensive home inspection, your SewerGard Plus coverage is extended to one year!


A Sewer Line inspection should be performed as part of every real estate transaction. If the inspection shows any obstructions or damage, repairs can then be sought as appropriate.


Provides a greater level of confidence to buyers when added to a Pre-Listing Inspection. If the inspection comes back clear, the seller has no future liability and the buyer understands the system is functioning as it should.


If you occupy your home, a Sewer Line inspection is recommended every 3 years, though more frequent services may be appropriate if you suspect any potential issues.


If you rent your home out, an annual Sewer Line inspection is recommended to minimize potential for future high-cost repairs.

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