Oftentimes the experience and knowledge of a professional home inspector is needed, but a full home inspection is not required. At HomePro Inspections, we offer a number of specialty inspections that are available for specific situations. View the options below, and call (904) 268-8211 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Mold Testing


Locating and addressing mold and moisture issues is important. We offer mold services that include inspections, consultations, and testing options.

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Inspection Letters

This service is appropriate when damage from a previous pest infestation is discovered and included in the WDO report, but there is no reasonable and cost effective method for repairs.

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Moisture Intrusion

This non-invasive process will locate leaks or moisture-related problems that have been difficult to find. The service intends to identify the actual source of moisture or leaks, and offers remedies for proper repair.

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This informal consultation is location specific and utilizes non-invasive, infrared technology to discover problems with a wall, roof, or other area. The IR scan helps discover problems so that proper repairs can be made.

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This service is a follow-up to a full home inspection done by HomePro Inspections. The same inspector that completed the full home inspection will re-inspect areas that have been repaired by a licensed contractor to ensure they were fixed properly.

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When others have been unable to diagnose your building problem, this non-destructive investigation is designed to discover the cause of construction-related issues, and recommend a solution. This service is also appropriate when the issue is location specific, and a full home inspection is not required.

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Expert Witness &

Our team’s years of construction-related experience has positioned us to be beneficial as a consultant or expert witness. We can assist in preparing the following: research, deposition, mediation or arbitration, or litigation (court trial).

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Second Opinion
Home Inspections

If you had another company complete your home inspection, but something didn’t seem quite right, this service is for you. We provide a second opinion on your specific areas of concern. Pricing is determined based on the request.

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Foreclosure & Short Sale

If purchasing a home through a short sale, or if the home is bank-owned or in foreclosure, it’s important that you have a full home inspection completed. Having the peace of mind from knowing exactly what you are purchasing is invaluable.

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Arguably the most important part of the home buying process, the “closing walkthrough” is the last opportunity to view the home before taking possession. Your HomePro inspector can accompany you during this walkthrough.

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This service is critical during any significant life change such as divorce, death, inheritance, or separation. The inspection helps determine the true condition of a home, and any maintenance or repairs that may be required.

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Pre-Construction & Remodeling

Using our years of construction-related experience, we can provide input and suggestions for the placement of mechanical systems, roofing and construction material selections, methods for saving water and energy, and much more.

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