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Why Is Wind Mitigation Inspection Important In Florida?

You’re a Floridian and you’re not well-versed at protecting your homes? Not a chance.As a Floridian, I can assure you that our homes top our priority lists, especially when protecting them from water damage.We do so much to protect our homes. Let that be securing our doors and windows or clearing our yards of loose…

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What Are Specialty Home Inspections?

A general home inspection is always recommended before you buy or sell your home. This helps you identify any major defects, safety hazards, or systems needing repairs. But it also depends on various factors. Including the age and location of the home.Some buyers may want to consider additional "specialty" inspections that go out of the…

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Home Water Quality Testing - Why is it Important for Your Family in Jacksonville

Homeowners often talk about how they don't want to compromise on the quality of their life within their house. For this, they ensure different inspections and testing are scheduled.But do you realize that besides different aspects of your house, one thing that determines your quality of life is your water quality? When homeowners are busy…

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When you are on a house hunt, you might consider an old house with your own checklist.History? CheckAesthetics? CheckPotential for renovation? CheckPotential issues? CheckYes… you read that right…potential issues. If you're drooling over an older house, and it checks your first three wants, then hold your horses before you sign off on the deal. There…

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Chinese Drywall Issues: Basics and How to Avoid

There are many issues that Chinese drywall has brought into the limelight after its discovery. This happens because of its potential to cause various issues. Well, these issues can be structural and health-related, both.However, many people still don't seem to understand Chinese drywall. Additionally, they usually look forward to learning about Chinese drywall issues. Being…

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