Taking Down the Lion by Catherine S. Neal

March 7, 2018 | What's Wally Reading?

How is it possible that Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski could have earned over $100 Million dollars in annual salary and not be a criminal? That was the question rattling inside the heads of jurors as they deliberated the fate of Dennis Kozlowski. How could one person live in such a way that he had a $6,000 shower curtain, $15,000 dog-shaped umbrella stand, a $6,300 sewing basket, $2,900 worth of coat hangers and a set of sheets that cost $5,900? These items of excess along with millions of dollars of art by Monet and others were housed in a Manhattan apartment that Kozlowski sleep in only a few dozen times a year and it was all paid for by his employer Tyco? He must have stolen millions of dollars. No person can legally earn that much money. Can they?

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Monument Commercial Building Inspections Opens World Headquarters in Jacksonville

March 1, 2018 | Commercial Inspections

Referring your commercial real estate clients to a full-service commercial inspection company just got easier with the arrival of Monument Commercial Building Inspections into the Florida market. The commercial real estate world differs greatly from the residential market and understanding those differences is critical to keeping your commercial real estate deal together.

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New Citizens 4-Point Guidelines Complicate Insurability of Homes Over 30 Years Old

February 27, 2018 | Home Inspections

New Citizens 4-Point Insurance Guidelines Complicate Insurability of Homes Over 30 Years Old and Reduce Hopes for An “AS-IS” Sale. It’s Feared Other Insurance Companies Will Follow! Citizens Property Insurance Corporation announced major changes in the requirements for 4-Point Insurance Inspections. These changes were first shared with Florida insurance agents in Citizens Bulletin 02.09.18The purpose of the updates to the 4-Point Insurance Form (Insp4pt 01 18) and Roof Inspection Form (RCF-1 01 18) as stated by Citizens is “to evaluate risks better and determine whether a property meets Citizens’ eligibility guidelines”.

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Veterans Answered the Call to Protect YOUR Home…

February 10, 2018 | News

…Will You Answer the Call to Lead Them to Homeownership?The thought of a homeless veteran is painful. If any among us deserves a safe place to sleep it is our veterans. Numerous agencies and associations Federal, state and local are working to eliminate this problem.Homeownership is the quintessential American Dream. Since the end of World War II the Veterans Administration has offered programs designed to enhance the opportunities for our Veterans to live that dream. Most notable among those programs is the VA Home Loan.

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Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 by John Maxwell

February 5, 2018 | What's Wally Reading?

John Maxwell has been named the top leadership expert by INC Magazine and The American Management Association. He has authored over 100 books that have sold over 25 Million copies in fifty languages. He has presented leadership programs for dozens of Fortune 500 compaines, presidents of nations as well at the US Military Academy. The guy knows leadership.

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Chimney Safety Tips

January 16, 2018 | Safety

Each winter, millions of Americans all across the country turn to their fireplaces for warmth and comfort during the season’s cold, dark nights. While fireplaces are a great way to stay warm and add some charm to your home, they also contribute to chimney fires and other serious safety issues. Every year, countless chimney fires and other health issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning cause thousands of preventable deaths and millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and properties in every corner of the United States. Here at HomePro Inspections, we offer extensive experience with home and property inspections, including fireplace and chimney inspections. To prevent chimney fires and other serious issues, read on for a few basic tips to keep in mind this winter.

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Building Wood Fires by Annette McGivney

January 5, 2018 | Safety

“Utilizing fire is something we did that no other creature learned to do” What is it about fire that fascinates us so much? Starring into a fire is hypnotic. It can be simultaneously comforting, warming, romantic and fear inducing. What is this seemingly primal attraction to fire? And how can we best create fire on demand?Those are but a few of the questions about fire offered and answered by Annette McGivney in her book Building Wood Fires.

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Kidde Recalls 40 Million Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure to Discharge and Nozzle Detachment: One Death Reported

January 1, 2018 | News

You know the importance of having a fire extinguisher for your home, vehicle and boat. Fire extinguishers save lives and property. Seldom are they used and when needed it is a life or death situation.In a voluntary agreement with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Kidde has agreed to recall more than 40 million fire extinguishers. Most of the recalled fire extinguishers are used in homes, vehicles and boats. Many of the fire extinguishers being recalled were provided by manufactures of trucks, RV’s and boats as original equipment.

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Preventing Christmas Tree Fires

December 15, 2017 | Safety

The holidays are always a fun and festive time of the year. There are gifts to open, cookies and treats to eat, and of course, beautiful Christmas trees to put up. Unfortunately, Christmas tree fires occur in a number of homes during the holidays. While not especially that common, thankfully, they can cause serious damage very quickly and pose a serious risk to your property and life itself. Here at HomePro Inspections, we know first hand the risks involved with this issue. As the holiday season gets underway, be sure to keep these important tips in mind to prevent Christmas tree fires.

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The Right Moment: A Collection of Quotations for Living an Inspired Life by William E. Hyche

December 10, 2017 | What's Wally Reading?

You meet the most interesting people when you travel to mastermind with people that you don’t know who are successful in businesses different that yours. When Don Hobbs asked me to attend as well as participate in the facilitation of a 2-day MAPS Mastermind in Austin it became a must attend event. Didn’t know who else would be there and that made it all the more interesting.Dam glad I went. There were owners of software companies, contractors, personal fitness people, the financial industry, ice cream stores, and a dozen other diverse activities you might not think someone could build into a multi-million dollar business. Such is the beauty of Masterminds!

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